Two dryers, one machine: Samsung's craziest appliance ever?

Two dryers, one machine: Samsung's craziest appliance ever?

Let's face it, laundry day just isn't fun. Fortunately, large appliance manufacturers have been hard at work in 2016 dreaming up new ways to to simplify this otherwise arduous task.
We've seen sinks built-into top-load washing machines, front-load trap doors that open midcycle so you can add the lone sock you missed earlier (see video below), and smaller, secondary washers hidden in what looks like a lowly storage pedestal.
But Samsung's FlexWash + FlexDry Laundry System, announced today, might be the wackiest innovation we've seen yet. It's a side-by-side front-load washer and dryer pair, but both units have a smaller washer or dryer incorporated into the top of the machine, top-load-style.
  • 5-cubic-foot front-loader
  • 1-cubic-foot top-loader
While this concept is somewhat similar to LG's Twin Wash ($2,212.31 at system, there are a couple of key distinctions. FlexWash is one unit -- the main front-load unit and the supplemental top-load unit are integrated into the same appliance body. 
Samsung also claims its FlexWash unit doesn't require two separate water lines. So instead of having to install a secondary water line, FlexWash has an internal separator that sends the front-load water one direction and the top-load water another direction. That's huge.
But like LG's Twin Wash, you can run wash cycles simultaneously and the water isn't supposed to mix. That way, you don't combine water that's washing bright red beach towels with water that's washing your white undershirts. The general idea is that you'll tackle larger, normal loads of laundry in the 5-cubic-foot washer and smaller, delicate items in the 1-cubic-foot washer above.
  • Main dryer has MultiSteam technology
  • Smaller dryer has customizable temperature zones
We've never seen a two-in-one dryer unit like FlexDry before. Beside the obvious convenience of being able to dry two loads at one time, it also allows for different types of fabrics to get custom care. The main dryer would likely continue to handle normal loads, as it has a tumble-dry function. The smaller dryer would take on delicate items via a drying-rack-style design and custom temp zones ranging from room temperature to 95 degrees Fahrenheit.
In addition to its four-in-one design, the FlexWash + FlexDry Laundry System can be controlled by your phone via the Samsung Smart Home app for Android or iPhone. According to Samsung, you'll be able to start and stop cycles remotely with the app, as well as monitor the progress of a cycle.
Samsung hasn't shared pricing or availability for its FlexWash + FlexDry Laundry System just yet, or whether it plans to integrate this new washer and dryer with its own smart home platform, SmartThings. I've reached out to Samsung for more details, so check back soon for updates.
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