GoPro Hero6 Camera Will Launch In 2017, Confirms Top Executive

GoPro Hero6 Camera Will Launch In 2017, Confirms Top Executive


GoPro launched the GoPro Hero5 and the Karma drone back in September 2016. While the Hero5 managed to impress fans and critics alike, the drone had to be recalled due to major technical issues.
However, the company seems to have recovered from this mishap and now GoPro's CEO Nick Woodman has revealed that the successor to the Hero5 camera is already under development. He stated that it will be launched some time in 2017.
"We can confirm there will be new cameras and other accessories released during the year and new camera namely being Hero6," shared Woodman.
The CEO added that the company will not be offering any other details on the camera. His statement indicates that just like 2016, the company may be gearing up for multiple product launches apart from the already confirmed GoPro Hero6.
Hero5 vs. Hero6: What To Expect?
The Hero5 action camera has been lauded by adventure enthusiasts and tech pundits for its robustness. It was a drastic difference from the Hero4 and had rounded and smoother edges. It was also slimmer than the Hero4.
Enthusiasts would be hoping that the Hero6 is also more svelte than the Hero5 and just as sturdy if not more.
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The Hero6 is also expected to be waterproof and will likely retain the 1.5-inch cube form factor of the Hero5.
The Hero5 also offered five field of view options namely - Medium, Narrow, Wide, SuperView and Linear and the Hero6 is expected to benefit from the same if not more.
The video stabilization feature of the Hero5 was also a hit with consumers and they would be hoping that the Hero6 gets enhanced abilities. Thanks to this software, any jerks in an unstable video capture is smoothened.
The Hero5 camera was also equipped with voice command support and could accept 10 instructions such as "record video" or "take a photo." This support consumers would hope also gets enhanced in the Hero6.
The Hero5 featured 4K support and GoPro users would be looking forward to the Hero6 offering support for recording 4K videos in 60fps.
Woodman did not mention when the next camera from the company may get launched except that it may be sometime during 2017.
This remark should also be taken as an indication that from now on, the company would try to launch a new camera each year or probably within a space of two years.
Fans nonetheless, would be waiting eagerly for additional information regarding the GoPro Hero6 camera in the coming days.
11 February 2017 /
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